Why I Write

by Angela Knight


I write to empty my brain

and fill my soul.

I write to deal with

and escape reality.

I write to make sense of the world


My words on pages,

filling pages of a physical notebook –

gratifying, an accomplishment.


Aesthetics –

the look and feel

of the right notebooks,

smooth paper,

colorful pens.

Sometimes the penmanship is pretty;

sometimes there is beauty in the semanitics.


I write to create laughter,

but sometimes the words

absorb the tears.


I write to remind myself

how hard it is

to make the right words

find the page

in the right order

on the right day.



What counts as writing? Any act of words manifested into a physical realm – typed, written – for an audience of self or others… I have always liked writing but I have not always identified as a writer. The National Writing Project inspired that in me: that identity, to write for myself, for others. I have gone further than I ever thought I would, and now my dreams are bigger, and I’m writing my way towards them.

It’s not just about the publications. It’s about the confidence. I’m not a natural storyteller. I can walk into a room unnoticed, and I leave without being missed. But I can write and leave my words and stories behind.

The words are there. I just need to let them out.

Come and write with us. Find your words and let them out.



Teacher Consultants are welcome to write on weekend-long Writing Retreats hosted in the fall and summer, as well as Saturday Sacred Writing Times throughout the year. For more information, click here or contact Angela Knight and Kris Gedeon.


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